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The Top Benefits of Water Filtration

While municipal water is carefully monitored for safety, those systems aren't always perfect. Water sometimes contains minerals and even contaminants that can create problems. Store-bought filters are a great solution for the kitchen sink, but many of the problems created by water affect more than just cooking. A whole-house filtration system treats every single drop of water that you use in your home, improving the safety and taste of everything you cook and drink and eliminating stains on laundry and fixtures.

Biggest Causes of Poor Water Quality and Signs of Issues
Clean, healthy water may still have minerals and other suspended solids that stain your laundry, leave residue on basins and tubs, impart a strange taste on food, or create excess wear on your faucet aerators, washing machine, dishwasher, and other appliances. Hard water can make your hair dry and leave spots on your dishes.

Hard water is nobody's fault. Instead, it's just the nature of the water in your community. Your local water plant can't do anything to soften it, but we can. And we know you'll love the results.

The Types of Water Filtration You Need to Know
Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We can walk you through the options to help you determine which will work best for your specific needs. Depending on what you need and how your home is built, we can install a number of filter types, including:

  • Refrigerator filters
  • Whole-house systems
  • Under-sink filters
  • Faucet-mounted units
  • Countertop filtration systems

Why Work With Service Relief

Whether you are having problems with hard water or just want some extra protection against the potential for contaminants in what your family eats and drinks, our team understands. We'll sit down with you and determine what will work best for your home and your budget, and when the work is done, you'll have cleaner, safer water for all your family's needs!

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