Sewer Line Services

Sewer Line Services from the Service Relief Team


Address sewer line concerns with the assistance of the experts from Service Relief. Experience and customer service are what built our reputation as a top performer in the local area. You can count on us to deal with your sewer line issues quickly and effectively!

Biggest Causes of Sewer Line Problems

The sewer lines in your home have a tough job. They're expected to carry waste efficiently to the municipal line or septic system in spite of the constant threat of things like:

  • Long-term buildup of grease and sludge
  • Damage from tree roots
  • Corrosion
  • Clogs caused by foreign objects

Sewer lines that do not flow properly can back up into your home, causing a smelly and expensive mess. They can also leak into the soil, creating a muddy, smelly problem. The longer you wait, the tougher the repair!

Reasons to Work With a Pro for Sewer Line Concerns

Because they work with gravity, sewer lines are located in low places--in crawlspaces, buried in the yard, and even encased in concrete floors. Just getting access to them is difficult and slow, and once you get there, the work is just beginning. Our team will locate, access, and correct your sewer problem in the best possible way, and we always provide free estimates before beginning work!

What We Offer

When something is wrong with your sewer line, you can't ignore it. Your options are to try to fix it yourself or to bring in a contractor. When it comes to DIY projects that are suitable for the average homeowner, sewer repair is not on the list. It's too messy, too specialized, and too dangerous for an untrained person. When you choose us as your sewer repair contractor, you get safe, effective sewer repairs done right the first time. We serve clients in:

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Contact Us Today for All Sewer-Related Needs

The longer you ignore a sewer line problem, the worse it will get. Don't take chances with your home. If you're seeing any indications of a problem with your sewer lines, call us or fill out the form right away. We'll get to you as quickly as possible, provide a no-obligation free estimate, and get to work as soon as we can so that your sewer problems quickly become a thing of the past.