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New England winters can be brutally cold, and Service Relief makes it our number one priority to make sure that our clients in and around Hartford have heating systems that can keep those frigid temperatures outside.

Types of Heating Systems We Work On

The most common types of heating systems we specialize in are:

  • Furnace - Burns fuel to create hot air
  • Boiler - Creates warmth by boiling water
  • Heat pump - Uses an outdoor unit to operate both heat and air conditioning

Common Heating Issues

Lots of problems can emerge in your heating system. Its first use in the fall often reveals burned-out fan motors, blown capacitors, and even wiring damage from mice. The combustion chamber can be cracked or you could have obstructions in the vent pipe. If it doesn't heat right, smell right, or sound right, contact us.

Importance of Prompt Heating Repair

When it rains, it pours, and when it's cold at your house, it's cold all over town. As soon as you suspect a problem with your home’s heating, call Service Relief. You'll be closer to the top of the list, and if anything must be ordered to repair your system, you'll have a head start on shipment.

When to Replace Your Current Heater
Most heating systems will provide you with many years or can provide decades of service. However, they may need to be replaced when:

  • Breakdowns are becoming very frequent
  • A newer system would be much more efficient
  • Parts are getting hard to find

It's best to have your system checked out while the weather is still warm so that we can get you set up in plenty of time before winter.

Choose Service Relief and Benefit from More Than Reliable Heating Solutions

When your heat goes out, you want it fixed fast and fixed right. Our technicians will make the appropriate repairs within the time frame that we promise you. Rest assured that they'll do it right the first time so that you don't find yourself in the cold again.

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Don't let cold temperatures catch you unprepared. Make sure your heating system is in top working order before the mercury takes a dive. Call Service Relief or fill out our form and we will surely address your heating needs in no time.